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Watch Repair Mesa, AZ

Types of Watch Repair We Offer

  • Free watch repair estimates
  • Automatic watch repairs
  • Quartz watch repairs
  • Authentic parts
  • Watch battery repairs
  • Watch servicing
  • Watch cleaning & polishing
  • Watch refinishing
  • Watch straps & bands
  • Crown & stem repairs
  • Resealing & water testing
  • Sealing & repair of dive watches
  • Rolex repair
  • And anything else watch repair-related

Get driving directions to our Mesa Watch Repair Store:

Same Day Jeweler Watch Repair
031 S Stewart, #2060 Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 331-8652

Watches We’ll Repair for You

Our professional watch repair experts will repair all watch brands including:

  • Rolex watch repairs
  • Patek Philippe watch repairs
  • Omega watch repairs
  • IWC watch repairs
  • Audemars Piguet watch repairs
  • Breitling watch repairs
  • Panerai watch repairs
  • Hublot watch repairs
  • Cartier watch repairs
  • Baume et Mercier watch repairs
  • Tag Heuer watch repairs
  • Ball watch repairs
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre watch repairs
  • Ulysse Nardin watch repairs
  • Hamilton watch repairs
  • Tissot watch repairs
  • Longines watch repairs
  • Seiko watch repairs
  • Other Swiss or German watch repairs
  • And more...

Scheduling Your Watch Repair Online is Easy

Same Day Jeweler Watch Repair
031 S Stewart, #2060 Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 331-8652

Business Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (by appointment only)

Watches We've Recently Fixed

Frequently Asked Watch Repair Questions

What kind of watch bands do you carry?

Genuine leather Hadley Roma watch bands made in the USA.

What kind of watch battery replacements do you use?

Same Day Jeweler only uses Swiss made watch batteries.

How long do watch batteries last?

Generally, the lifetime of a watch battery is between two and five years. The longevity of a battery depends on the type of watch, its dimensions, and the amount of energy required by its different functions.

Is it worth it to repair a watch?

Most often yes, unless the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the watch and you wish to get a new watch instead.

Are old watches worth repairing?

Yes, older watches can be repaired and/or restored to work like new again!

Is it worth repairing a quartz watch?

Often times, a quartz watch needs a new battery and also needs to be lubed up, just like you'd take your car for an oil change.

How do I restore my watch?

At Same Day Jeweler, we restore a watch by cleaning and oiling the movement and adjusting it for accuracy, refinish and polish the outside of the watch case, professionaly refinish the dial if necessary, clean and straighten the hands, install a new crystal if needed, replace the band if it is necessary, and make sure the crown, stem, and mainspring are in good shape.

How much does it cost to repair a watch face?

The cost of the replacement watch glass really varies in price, depending on if it is acrylic, plastic, or sapphire crystal from a fine Swiss manufacturer.

Do you do watch refinishing?

We do professional watch refinishing so that your watch looks like new again. Our watch refinishers will restore the sheen and luster to your stainless steel, gold, or platinum watch bracelet and case using only the finest polishing tools and equipment.

How do I get my Rolex serviced in Mesa Arizona?

Call or make and appointment and we can look at your Rolex or other brand of Swiss/German watch.

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