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Are you in need of some quick cash? Or maybe you have unwanted jewelry that is just collecting dust at home? We all have unwanted jewelry that is getting no use - and that is the best time to sell! Why leave your old jewelry laying around collecting dust, when you can turn your valuables into cash? Click here if you'd like to sell your watch!

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We Buy Jewelry and Scrap Gold!

When it comes to selling jewelry, watches, gold, and other valuables, we have the experience to know what you bring in to sell. We'll offer you a fair market price for your jewelry, watches, gold, and scrap gold.

We understand it can often be an overwhelming decision to sell precious heirlooms or sentimental valuables. Same Day Jeweler is the only jewelry buyer that offers top prices, the best customer service, and a confidential, secure transaction in Mesa, AZ.

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Why Sell To Us?

1) Safe & Easy

Selling to Same Day Jeweler is the easiest way to sell valuables in Mesa, AZ - and we do it securely and confidentially. You’ll make a private appointment with one of our friendly jewelry buyers, and we make the entire process easy for you. Once you accept our offer, a check will be written out to you and you’ll leave with money in hand - just be sure to bring valid ID.

2) Honest & Knowledgeable

Do you want to see if your valuables are worth anything significant? Our professional, friendly jewelry buyers have the necessary skill to evaluate your items and offer you top market prices. We buy designer jewelry, vintage watches, something you inherited, and even scrap gold! If you're unsure if your designer piece is real, bring it in to have it authenticated & evaluated! No purchase is too small and you can make a private appointment online.

3) Highest Payout in Mesa, AZ

Unlike other Mesa jewelry buyers, Same Day Jeweler values your items based on current market price instead of the melt value. We take every detail of the piece into consideration to ensure you get your money’s worth when it comes to evaluating the worth of your jewelry, watches, and gold.

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Sell Gold Mesa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do I get for selling gold?

What is the right amount to receive for your gold? If you're selling Gold Jewelry, a reasonable settlement would be 70% to 80% of the market value. If you're selling gold coins or gold jewelry, a reasonable amount to get would be 90% of the market value.

What is the best way to sell old gold?

The best way to sell your gold is online through a reputable jewelry and gold buyer in Mesa, such as Same Day Jeweler, as you'll get a better price than you would selling through a local pawn shop or jewelry store.

  • The Best Places to Sell Gold for Cash
  • Selling Gold Online
  • Selling Gold Bullion Coins or Bars Online
  • Pawn Shops Near You That Buy Gold
  • Local Jewelry Stores

Can I sell my gold in gold shop?

Yes, you can sell your gold coins, gold bars, gold jewelry, scrap gold, and gold watches to an established jeweler for cash. A reputable Sell My Gold store will check your gold's weight and check it for purity in front of  you, and will make you a cash offer based on the tests.

How reputable is Same Day Jeweler to sell your gold?

Across more than 3,000 customer reviews, Sell Your Gold Same Day Jeweler earned an average of 5 stars. Combined with an "A+" rating and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, that's strong proof that this is a company you can trust when you need to get cash for gold.

Should I sell my gold now 2021?

Gold has been one of the best investments over the long-term, and selling your gold in 2021 is the perfect time. As the stock market and cryptocurrency fluctuates, it is an especially good time to sell gold since gold prices tend to rise as the economy and stock market have big fluctuations.

Can I sell gold without hallmark?

Yes. A professional Sell My Gold representative at Same Day Jeweler will test your gold for purity, and you can sell your gold without any hallmarking.

Sell My Jewelry Mesa Jewelry Buyers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you sell jewelry to a jeweler?

Selling jewelry to a jeweler near you is a great choice if you have a jewelry store and jeweler, such as Same Day Jeweler, that you know and trust. Always look for great 5-star reviews when selling your jewelry, too.

Can I sell jewelry from home?

It's best to sell your jewelry in-person so the proper evaluation and monetary valuation can be made.

Is it better to sell jewelry to a pawn shop or jewelry store?

If you're looking to sell your jewelry quickly and easily and for the most amount of money, a jewelry buyer your best option. This is because a retail store must be interested in your specific item in order for them to buy it, and they can usually resell it and give you the best possible price - instead of only giving you the value of your jewelry if it were melted down.

What can I do with unwanted jewelry?

Sell your unwanted jewelry and scrap gold. Broken or damaged pieces, single earrings, or kinked chains are perfect for selling for cash!

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